While you're at it, follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more furry family fun! Make sure the genetic testing and puppy care are done to ensure they are breeding the best and most healthy dogs possible. 😍 ... Who else is going to be a bunny for Halloween? Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email. View more . Amy retired & Belle bred! When do you expect the next litter? These are Dotty’s great grand babies. If you want a hypo-allergenic, highly trainable dog for your new family member or a dog for therapy work, you want to get a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle. The term Labradoodle has become quite confusing since we began breeding these dogs in 2006. The pictures are so cute. Labradoodle puppies come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee and we will be available as a guide through out the life of your puppy. Lucy's Newest Pups Arrived. Livy & Homburg Parents Lewis Manor’s Summer Parti and Poco Creek’s Homburg… As of December 14th, Belle has been bred with Patches and we are no longer accepting deposits on the litter that will hopefully arrive mid-February! Temperament, coat and trainability for different types of disciplines are key in our breeding program. I’m excited to be a Goldendoodle puppy breeder in New York! She is very mothering and careful with their 2 small children and is proving to be a wonderful puppy mom as well. Coat: Fleece. If he got any cuter I couldn't handle it. We are family breeders of quality Labradoodles in south Florida. So much fun, so much sweetness! The differences between a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle and other Labradoodles. Screened for quality. Click to contact us! You'll get a monthly little inside scoop when we have two hands available, post-belly rubs. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Texas Labradoodles Reviews and Recommendations. We look forward to adding you to our ever growing Find Labradoodle Breeders Near You. Beautiful health checked chocolate labradoodle puppy available. The ALAA holds its breeders to a very high standard for health testing, puppy care and health guarantees. Transportation available. Love the tongues! Australian Labradoodle Breeders with Puppies. Adorable. Rainbow blessed us with large medium to standard chocolate and cream puppies … Clearing our dogs for potential diseases not only ensures that our dogs do not have these issues prior to breeding, it also ensures that we will never produce puppies that could have these diseases. Pups goin... October 12, 2020. Find chocolate Labradoodle puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. Our pups are born and raised in the home with our family (no kennels!) 6 males and 2 females labradoodles . The differences between a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle and other Labradoodles. We found Mike to be very cautious about finding the right home for his puppies. Creating perfect family members, guide dogs, therapy dogs and best friends begins with breeding the perfect parents. We began with the popular Labradoodle breed (hence the name) but have since retired that line as we discovered through research and family interviews that the Bernedoodle and Double Doodle breeds were a better match for most families. Learn More. These two kennels began breeding these dogs to create a hypo-allergenic, low to non-shedding dog. You are making me want another one. The ALAA is the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. The dogs and pups get a lot of exercise and are acclimated to water early on. Labradoodle F1 Puppies. Visit us now to find your dog. WE WILL HAVE PUPPIES READY TO TAKE HOME LATE SEPTEMBER/MID OCTOBER, 2021!!! Contact them with the details below for availability, price, and a waitlist. You can also contact us today by using the button below. Our breeder puppies are clear by parentage of IC, EIC, DM VWD, PRA and the full 11 recessive genetic paw print genetics panel. Harriet had her pups! • Medium (35lb) Doodles - chocolate and white FILL OUT OUR APPLICATION and we will contact you to see if our furry, trained family member is your dream dog! – As new dog owners, Mr. Harris was an excellent resource from the beginning, and answered every question we had along the way. Barksdale Labradoodles – Al & Jacqueline Gordy Magee, Mississippi 39111 — Rising Fawn, Georgia 30738 (Located on Lookout Mountain’s Canyon Ridge outside Chattanooga, Tennessee) PH. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. It is a beautiful day! Premium Network of Labradoodle Breeders in Massachusetts. We started our breeding program with the best bloodlines to ensure we would be producing the most beautiful, intelligent, trainable and lovable dogs possible. KC Labradoodles is a premier breeder of gorgeous, intelligent, and playful Bernedoodle puppies and Double Doodle puppies. She was a great beauty and a great mom ❤️❤️❤️ ... There’s SO MUCH cuteness at my house. I am so tempted ! These are Dotty’s great grand babies. Although it’s true that you need to go to an Australian labradoodle breeder if you want to get the best quality dog, going to a breeder does not necessarily guarantee that you will get a quality pet. We're proud to say our puppies live all over the nation, including one in Puerto Rico! Cedar Bend Labradoodles . Mike's Labradoodle Puppies was recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance. LABRADOODLE PUPPIES FOR SALE. The term Labradoodle has become quite confusing since we began breeding these dogs in 2006. Since that time we have watched our amazing and magical breed of dogs become a world wide phenomenon with Labradoodles taking over everywhere. So much fun, so much sweetness! The hip and elbow testing does not guarantee that puppies will never have hip dysplasia, but it is the best method that we have to prevent producing puppies with genetic hip issues. This gorgeous chocolate and apricot litter will be ready to go home September 2021. Years of care and experience have made us experts at accomplishing high standards set by the ALAA and our own personal goals for our dogs. 😍🐶, Switching things up just this one time and showing off my new grand kitty. All their Labradoodle puppies in Massachusetts are currently spoken for, but there’s always the chance a family’s circumstances will change or that unexpected little ones will arrive. EXPECTED LITTER TRAITS: Breed: Foundation Australian Labradoodles. Here in Iowa, the heart of the midwest, we pride ourselves in providing allergy friendly, non to low shedding Australian Labradoodles, with wonderful personalities. Please visit our puppy page to learn about our current litter and plans for future puppies. Your family can have the perfect companion that is easy to train, friendly, and a lot of fun! Our breeding program near Denver, Colorado comprises several family breeders (the Linder Family). While medium Labradoodles are “just right” for tons of people, they might not be the best fit for you and your family. Story time ❤️🐶 ... See MoreSee Less. Ren is our loving chocolate curly fleece Australian Labradoodle female living in a guardian home. Breeding healthy, well-socialized, smart and friendly dogs is our priority. Bella is loving her warm winter days in Florida. The importance of adopting a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle. My Labradoodle changed and enriched my life. Sure, you can find breeders all over the nation but when you’re looking for a rescue to give a loving home to, it can be far more challenging to pinpoint a good option. From being in the movies to being the number one choice for commercials, print ads and funniest video stars, Labradoodles are everywhere. We breed Doodles in four distinct size ranges: Micro Labradoodle; Mini Labradoodle; Medium Labradoodle; Standard Labradoodle; From an apartment to a sprawling count Remember, your Labradoodle LOVES to play and run, no matter the size! We raise healthy & happy Labradoodle puppies. I grew up with a Labradoodle. As of December 14th, Belle has been bred with Patches and we are no longer accepting deposits on the litter that will hopefully arrive mid-February! 9 days ago. With this profound movement of the love of all things Labradoodle, the purity and purpose of what Labradoodles were originally bred for has become convoluted with many types of doodles. This pair gives us some beautiful litters that range in color from cream to chocolate and are small medium in size. ChocolateLabradoodlePuppies.com is located in Greenville, SC, near the North Carolina border. Sierra Spring Australian Labradoodles has Labradoodle breeder puppies for sale. Born 10/10/20. 769-274-3431 • FAX 419-730-8596 • Click to Email Our offices are closed on the weekends. How Labradoodles practice social distancing. They are bred for health, beauty and above all, temperament. I can do initial viewing virtually where you can see... 12. gumtree.com . Our promise to raise healthy, happy puppies . All pups already have fur-ever homes but we can't wait to share more pictures with everyone. We live on a 60 acre farm where … We pride ourselves on the way we raise our Puppies. Labradoodle Puppy Breeders in the Florida Area. Dog Breeders; Labradoodle; Our Dog Breeder directory is the ultimate source of listings for breeders in the United Kingdom. We take pride in bringing beautiful, quality and loving pups into this world. We are a small breeder located in Londonderry, New Hampshire. We also have Labradoodle and mini Labradoodle families drive from Spartanburg, Columbia, Clemson, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill, Jacksonville, … Please be patient, hope to have this site completed within the next few days, thanks We are just minutes away from Beautiful Kentucky Lake. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. "Life with Doodles" Family. We also have chickens and ducks and they intermingle with no issues. She had 1 chocolate boy, 2 chocolate girls and 4 caramel girls. He is the larger Standard size Labradoodle. Hip problems are often caused be environmental factors, but culling puppies for breeding purposes helps to reduce the risk of breeding bad confirmation. Choosing the right medium Labradoodle. We have been breeding dogs since 1993. It is the oldest registry for Australian Labradoodles in America. We have had our chocolate labradoodle, Josie, for a little over a month now, and we could not be more in love with a more perfect puppy! She had 3 boys (2 parti and a caramel), 2 girls (1 chocolate and 1 caramel). $ 2000 . Pups were born on 12/31 with a go home date of 2/25/2021. Completely asleep, no worries. We will have large mini/small medium “Blondie” and Hawkeye puppies July 2021. These pups have great fleece coats and generally a pretty calm demeanor. Report. £2,650 . On December 11th, we welcomed six new beautiful additions to the herd, thanks to the primo genetics from Lucy & Prince Harry. Find a Labradoodle puppy from reputable breeders near you and nationwide. We are happy to announce that Amy is officially retired and will continue to play "grandma" to our future litters. We have a 2 acre fenced back yard with a lake and a pool. So amazing how time flies 🐶😍❤️, This is Dotty, one of our first dogs. Each Linder family has their own hobby breeding program, producing only 1-2 litters each year. Copyright © 2021 Cricket Creek Kennels — Uptown Style WordPress theme by. We are happy to announce that Amy is officially retired and will continue to play "grandma" to our future litters. Please see our references page for more stories and letters from our families. This consistency and care to our breeding program helps our families to know exactly what to expect from their new family member. Located in central Rhode Island, we are experienced, knowledgeable, second-generation breeders of the Australian Labradoodle. The total cost for each Valley View Standard Labradoodle puppy is $2300 and our Valley View Standards Goldendoodle puppies are $2700 (plus 8% sales tax for NY residents). The Labradoodle breed itself is becoming a confusing mixture of levels of breeds, types of infusions into the bloodlines, etc. Monadnock Labradoodles. I wish Bella would make room for a little brother or sister, but she loves being a only child. Check out some stories about our furry family and what drives us. Oh to be a dog... ... Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. Labradoodle puppies make the perfect companion for any family, especially those with children. Oh, my! These dogs are bred to be highly trainable dog for the purpose of being taught to be guide dogs or therapy dogs for people with allergies. We pride ourselves on our selective breeding practices and are committed to furthering the quality and use of the American and Australian Labradoodle. Our goal is to make it easy to transition them from our loving home to yours. Our dogs and puppies receive the best care and love in a family environment. It’s better for our customers, and better for our puppies. 😍🐶 ... See MoreSee Less, One of each color❤️ makes me want a wee friend for Charlie 😜. Australian Labradoodles are produced when multiple generations of the original Australian bloodlines, Rutland Manor and Teagan Park are bred together. Selecting a Breeder. It was not as simple as breeding a Lab to a Poodle, both great dogs, of course, but not a true Australian Labradoodle. In addition to hips and elbow testing, our dogs are also tested for Degenerative Myelopathy, Exercise-Induced Collapse, Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures, Progressive Retinol Atrophy, Cone-Rod Dystrophy 4, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration, Von Willebrand Disease I, Improper Coat and have eye exams yearly. Heritage Manor has Red, Chocolate, Mini and Medium Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. Interested in buying a Labradoodle Puppy from Cricket Creek Kennels? Breeders reserve the right to refuse puppy adoption and refund buyer’s money at any time before buyer takes delivery. Loving this warm Texas winter day ... See MoreSee Less. Our dogs come from the original Australian bloodlines of Rutland Manor and Teagan Park. Completely asleep, no worries. We treat the Labradoodle puppies with care and give them lots of love so that they will be fun and social pets. She was a great beauty and a great mom ❤️❤️❤️. Most of our chocolate Labradoodle and mini Labradoodle puppy families come from Charlotte, Asheville, Charleston, Raleigh-Durham, and Hilton Head. Working with a reputable breeder that has many years of experience and a true love of the breed is important. Labradoodle Lincoln, Nebraska, United States . So cute... do you have any small or medium size puppies available? All of our dogs are health tested and come with a 2 year Health Guarantee. Color: Cream to chocolate. Our breeding program is centered around the health and development of our dogs and the breed in general, and in finding happy, healthy and safe homes for all of our puppies. It took these two kennels a lot of work, testing and breeding to get the breed to where it is today. Back then, there weren’t very many breeders. We are loving conscientious breeders of Labradoodles & Goldendoodles in our San Antonio, Texas home. Labradoodle rescue dogs are a high-demand breed that can often be quite challenging to find and adopt. She’s a doting Mom and curls around them so I had to take a picture while she was outside. Most of the breeders were breeding true Australian Labradoodles. Elsa is a great Mom and they're all growing like crazy! My husband Steven and I live with our two young boys out near Sacramento, California on almost an acre of land. Our dogs are family-raised primarily in our house and get frequent socialization from family and friends. There's some controversy over how the Labradoodle came about, but most agree that the breed was developed in the United States during the 1950s. Who else is going to be a bunny for Halloween? Labradoodle Breeders in Pennsylvania 2017-07-22T19:40:03-05:00. Their parent dogs, Lola and Boone, are expecting medium-to-standard all chocolate, and chocolate and white parti Labradoodle puppies. Look here to find a Labradoodle breeder who may have puppies for sale or a male dog available for stud service close to you.